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OOC Background

Full name
  • Mara LaRose
Date of Birth
  • 17.Aug.2492
  • Father: Fredrick LaRose
  • Mother: Marie LaRose
  • Sara LaRose
  • Medicine
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • black hair and light brown eyes
Education Information

Medical school

Employment History



Born on Newhall and raised by loving parents with a younger sister. Her life was sweet and simple as she had plenty of friends and had enough focus for her future. She grew up with Remington before she received a wave about an opportunity to go to school on Osiris at seventeen. She worked hard and excelled at medicine, predominately the study of viruses as well as cures as well as surgery. She was interned at a hospital on Ariel during the final part of the war. Building her career up she became an excellent doctor but no one saw how unhappy she was. Finally after years she left her home and job behind, though her superiors believe she is on sabbatical or extended leave as of right now.